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ReliaCare, Inc.
Licensed Nurse Registry

About Us


ReliaCare is the solution for your peace of mind. We offer one on one attention with the assistance of caring professionals to provide personalized support and companionship to enhance your life-style.

ReliaCare begins with an assessment of each client’s individualized, medical and emotional needs. Interviews with family members, legal guardians and friends may be utilized to create a comprehensive understanding of the ReliaCare client. Determining the absolute level of care and establishing the appropriate program of well being for each client is our foremost concern.

  • The assessment of personal and healthcare needs.

  • Team work with family members, friends, physicians and ancillary providers in the development and continuance of a workable, individualized plan of personalized lifestyle.

Home Maker and Companion License Number: 228215

Nurse Registry License: 30211077

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